Outlaws of Triune

Session 001

Into the Wasteland

Ghuda the ex-priest (Bob), Thomas Kincaid the aging burglar(Nick), and Sebastian the mercenary (Matt) started the game chained up in an armored Alliance vehicle about to cross a checkpoint into the Wasteland. Kain McClane the wandering rouge (Herby) was found drunk, staggering through the Veil, and was tossed into the vehicle with the others. Everyone was evasive about why they had been arrested by the Alliance.

After traveling for awhile the group was attacked by an Armored Skullion, a type of sandworm normally inactive during the Summer months. The beast was enraged and badly thrashed the Alliance vehicle. Everyone passed out.

Sebastian and Kain woke up first, finding the vehicle flipped on its side, and were unable to escape their restraints. Kain managed to ungag himself with a good deal of tongue finesse, but couldn’t reach a crowbar which had fallen close to his foot. Ghuda and Thomas woke up. Kain was very suspicious of Thomas having magical abilities that might aid them, but Thomas insisted he did not. Dave the Solider returned and released Kain, then took him to the Sarge.

The Sarge grudgingly decided to trust Kain, and explained their predicament. Dave went and released the rest of the group. Sebastian and Dave examined the engine, and found the vehicle beyond repair. Ghuda helped the wounded soldiers, setting 2 broken arms and a broken leg. As the group decided to gather their supplies, and head off, the sandworm reappeared. Ghuda wanted to try and slow the worm down so the others could escape, but the Sarge took his place at gunpoint. The Sarge left Dave in charge and attacked the worm.

The group fled as the Sarge ran to the burning vehicle and drew the worm’s attention. As the worm lunged, he detonated the vehicle with a grenade, sacrificing himself and blowing off most of the worm’s head. The worm retreated in defeat.

The group continued walking.

items acquired:
  • bag of military rations
  • jug of water
  • crowbar



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