Panzers are ancient mechanized battle suits, which have been unearthed and restored from beneath the Wasteland sands. They are very rare, and very expensive. Panzers are humanoid in appearance, yet contain both organic and mechanical components similar to the mysterious Warforged race. They generally stand about 20 feet tall, and may be piloted by any humanoid. Pilots enter and are sealed within a panzer’s breastplate, where they may control the panzer with arm and leg harnesses that mirror the pilot’s own normal movements. Panzers operate on a mixture of glim (high combustible yellow oil found in the Wasteland) and the pilot’s own blood. Because of this blood link, panzers seem to somehow grow accustomed to their pilots thus making it very difficult to pilot someone else’s panzer. Panzers consume negligible amounts of blood and glim, unless wounded or specifically used to power a booster or special weapon.

Piloting a panzer is considered as teaming up, without the vengeance bonus. So the character and panzer act as one unit on all actions, rolling the character’s cliché and adding any sixes rolled by the panzer’s cliché. Characters and panzers may each pump rolls, but a character pump does not affect the panzer and vice versa (unless boosting). Panzers must have their own weapons and equipment apart from its pilot’s. Any damage done in combat may be taken from the panzer instead of from a character. But, if any of the panzer’s clichés drops to 0, the panzer is broken-down and must be repaired to move again. Panzer’s are semi-magical in nature, thus other supernatural effects can adversely affect their functionality. Characters cannot use magic while piloting a panzer, and characters attacking a panzer with magic exploit this weakness and receive 2d6 bonus dice. A panzer’s Fuel Tank acts similarly to a character’s Guts cliché, and can be used for several purposes:
  • Self-repair: 1 Fuel die can be burned to ‘heal’ 1 dice of damage to another of the panzer’s clichés
  • Special Weapon: 1 Fuel die can be burned to power a special weapon for one round
  • Boost: 1 Fuel die can be burned to pump the character’s cliché with the panzer’s dice.

Panzers are created in a similar manner to regular characters, starting with a pool of 10 dice to assign to clichés representing offense/type, defense, speed, and reserve fuel. All four categories must be represented, and like characters none can exceed 4 dice at creation. Panzer clichés advance by purchasing upgrades from mechanics and others skilled enough to install them.

Basic Example: Beowulf
Light Frame Repurposed Worker Panzer (3) – combat enhancement
Flexible Shell Plating (1) – defensive enhancement
Phoenix Booster Engine (4) – speed enhancement
Fuel Tank (2) – reserve fuel
Weapon: big hunk of shrapnel

Upgraded Example: War
Heavy Frame Alliance Prototype Panzer (4) – combat enhancement
Titan Mesh Armor (2) – defensive enhancement
Mach-3 Slow Burn Engine (2) – speed enhancement
Ethercite Magic Module (3) – magic enhancement, allows casting while in panzer
Shimmerfade Stealth Cloak (1) – stealth enhancement
Fuel Tank (3) – reserve fuel
Weapon: giant broadsword
Special Weapon: Dragon’s Maw Flamer – 1d6 additional damage, requires 1 Fuel


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