Outlaws of Triune

Session 002
Seeking Shelter

After a narrow escape from the Armored Skullion, the group wandered East into the Wastes hoping to find shelter for the night. Hours later, still with nothing in sight, Ghuda glanced a dark cloaked figure standing on a dune in the distance. The group investigated, and found a bundle of food and water and some stones arranged into an arrow pointing North West. The food was found to be untainted and surprisingly fresh, and the group snacked briefly before follows the path of the arrow.

An hour later, the ruins of a Dwarven building were found half buried in a sand dune. Kain and Ghuda worked the doors open with a crowbar, and the group entered what appeared to be a garage. A Glim Wheevel was fighting several Giant Killer Ants inside, but the insects quickly scattered and disappeared. The Glim Wheevel was making a high pitched noise that seemed to repel the ants, and using his vocal talents Kain learned to mimic it fairly well. A vehicle sat in the center of this room, and Ghuda determined it could be drivable after replacing a battery and fuel line. Dave and the injured soldiers set up camp here while Kain decided to explore further into the complex. A group of ants attacked as Kain opened the door, and everyone joined into the fight. Even with subpar weaponry, the ants were slaughtered. All the PCs decided to explore the complex and leave Dave behind with the injured soldiers.

The group entered the first floor of the compound, finding a cross shaped hallway with four rooms branching from it. The hall ended in a staircase leading up, another leading down, and an inactive cargo elevator. The electric lights were all off, and it looked like the compound had been deserted for months. The first room entered was a utility closet with the top half of an Orc corpse in it. The corpse appeared to have been ripped in half, and the group wondered about the presence of giant gorillas. They threw the circuit breaker lever on the wall, and restored power to the facility.

The second room contained a wall of monitor screens and a bunch of file cabinets. Only a few screens were functioning, but they didn’t show anything of importance. A severed Warforged head was beside the monitors with a blinking button in its mouth. Kain pushed the button with his crowbar, and the head woke up and spoke with a British accent. They called the head Phil, and he had no idea what had been happening or where his body was, but he implored the group to assist him. They grudgingly accepted, and shoved Phil into a backpack. Kain searched the file cabinets and got bashed in the face as a drawer shot out on its own. Kain suffered a minor concussion and tipped over the cabinets and stabbed them a few times. Finding no traps, he began to wonder about wandering spirits.

The third room was a bathroom. Kain and Ghuda entered and the doors mysteriously slammed behind them. They could hear ants moving towards them through the walls, and after a few tries were able to smash the door down. A number of ants, including acid spitting ones, attacked the PCs and were promptly squished. A dead Dwarf was found on one of the toilets, and Ghuda said a prayer over him.

Phil identified the fourth room as the Compound Chief’s Office, but the door was locked. Thomas tried unsuccessfully to pick the lock, and Ghuda couldn’t bash it open either. Phil said the Chief would have the key.

After clearing the floor, the group decided to head upstairs. About halfway up, Kain started acting odd. Grinning like an idiot, he pulled out his sword and slashed Sebastian across the chest. Sebastian was hooked into a furious rage and tackled Kain, cursing and stabbed him in the shoulder. Thomas kept Sebastian from killing Kain, and Ghuda worked quickly to exorcise the demon possessing Kain. The exorcism was successful, and Ghuda patched them both up, as the group heard a voice yelling for help from upstairs.

The entire upstairs was a open dormitory with kitchen and seating area. The yelling was coming from two legless prisoners chained up in the kitchen. Kain ignored the prisoners, and searched the room for valuables instead. Ghuda immediately went to the prisoners, to tried and help them. The female was conscious but out of it, and the male was frantically yelling. He told Ghuda how they were Desert Raiders and they came to loot this place. They weren’t here long before their leader went nuts and attacked the rest of them. He killed the big Orc from their group, and then chained the other two up here. The raider thought their leader might have been possessed by a Gluttony Demon, because he cooked and ate most of the Orc and did the same with both of their legs. Unfortunately, he also forced the prisoners to watch him do it.

Then the Raider freaked out and said he heard the leader coming back. The PCs overturned a few tables for defense, and Ghuda and Sebastian tried to block the door with a bunk bed. They were not fast enough though, and the Possibly Possessed Psychopath burst through the door and released his two attack dogs. The dogs were quickly dispatched, but PPP started swinging them as weapons as Thomas and Kain threw anything they could from the behind the tables and Sebastian and Ghuda confronted the enemy head on. PPP was wearing the group down until Kain threw a lucky fastball and caught PPP upside the temple. The group was then able to subdue him to the ground, where Kain beheaded him. This did not stop PPP’s head from cackling and trying to bite Kain, but he quickly punted the bleeding head out a window into the Wasteland.

Tired and injured, the PCs returned to Dave’s camp for the night. They sealed up the garage, ate some roasted ant meat, and got some rest.

Session 001
Into the Wasteland

Ghuda the ex-priest (Bob), Thomas Kincaid the aging burglar(Nick), and Sebastian the mercenary (Matt) started the game chained up in an armored Alliance vehicle about to cross a checkpoint into the Wasteland. Kain McClane the wandering rouge (Herby) was found drunk, staggering through the Veil, and was tossed into the vehicle with the others. Everyone was evasive about why they had been arrested by the Alliance.

After traveling for awhile the group was attacked by an Armored Skullion, a type of sandworm normally inactive during the Summer months. The beast was enraged and badly thrashed the Alliance vehicle. Everyone passed out.

Sebastian and Kain woke up first, finding the vehicle flipped on its side, and were unable to escape their restraints. Kain managed to ungag himself with a good deal of tongue finesse, but couldn’t reach a crowbar which had fallen close to his foot. Ghuda and Thomas woke up. Kain was very suspicious of Thomas having magical abilities that might aid them, but Thomas insisted he did not. Dave the Solider returned and released Kain, then took him to the Sarge.

The Sarge grudgingly decided to trust Kain, and explained their predicament. Dave went and released the rest of the group. Sebastian and Dave examined the engine, and found the vehicle beyond repair. Ghuda helped the wounded soldiers, setting 2 broken arms and a broken leg. As the group decided to gather their supplies, and head off, the sandworm reappeared. Ghuda wanted to try and slow the worm down so the others could escape, but the Sarge took his place at gunpoint. The Sarge left Dave in charge and attacked the worm.

The group fled as the Sarge ran to the burning vehicle and drew the worm’s attention. As the worm lunged, he detonated the vehicle with a grenade, sacrificing himself and blowing off most of the worm’s head. The worm retreated in defeat.

The group continued walking.

items acquired:
  • bag of military rations
  • jug of water
  • crowbar
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