• Low-magic fantasy with steampunk elements, the supernatural is mysterious and there’s ancient tech laying around
  • Mostly takes place in giant lawless desert, Wild West inspired
  • Going for gritty realism, equipment breaks, healing is scarce, money is tight
  • Going for creative combat and conflict resolution (bar fight mentality)
  • Focusing on roleplay and character development, not stat min/maxing
  • Mecha (panzers) exist, but you won’t be getting one at first
  • The ‘heroes’ are not morally black and white, they’re just trying to get by (like Firefly or Cowboy Bebop)

Here are some character inspirations that I think would go well with the setting:

Guts (Berserk): berserker, giant swordsman, big & strong, mechanical arm, unrelenting
Dante (Devil May Cry): snarky half-demon, swordsman, gunslinger, detective, skirt chaser, becomes demon
Spike Speigel (Cowboy Beebop): ex-yakuza, bounty hunter, gunslinger, martial artist, pilot, charmer
D (Vampire Hunter D): half-vampire, vampire hunter, agile swordsman, possessed hand, unsettling gaze
Nicolas D Wolfwood (Trigun): ex-gangbanger, gunslinger, priest, conman, soft spot for kids
Marv (Sin City): hulking thug, half crazy, brawler, intimdating, born killer, protects dames
Inara (Firefly): companion, irresitable sex apeal, perceptive, great actress, can handle a gun or rapier
Zerit (Keepers of the Maser): tough old bastard, brawler, pilot, mechanic, scientist
Roland Deschain (Dark Tower): amazing gunslinger, charismatic leader, perceptive, hypnotist, steely gaze
Resolute (Dragoncrown War): mohawked elf swordsman, hunter & tracker, unwavering dedication
Fei-Fong Wong (Xenogears): mech pilot, martial artist, hidden powers, painter, mental problems
V (for Vendetta): idealistic anarchist, knife-fighter, demolitions, learned gentleman, resourceful
Charlie (Land of the Dead): idiot savant, expert marksman, disfigured face, cheerful disposition
Edward Elric (Full-Metal Alchemist): small fierce fighter, gifted mage, ex-military, scholar
Eddie Riggs (Brutal Legend): half-demon roadie, ax-man, magic guitar, driver, build & repair anything
Ryu Bateson (Breath of Fire 2): half-dragon swordsman, monster hunter, healing magic, becomes dragon
Rei (Breath of Fire 3): tiger-man thief, knife-fighter, critical hits, becomes were-tiger
HK-47 (KOTOR): homicidal assassin droid, meat-bagger, rifleman, heavy weapons, terminator vision

And these are some essential skills that should be incorporated into the group’s characters:

combat: melee, ranged, unarmed, magical
defense: dodging, parrying, toughness, anti-magic
healing: fist-aid, surgery, medicine, magical
knowledge: local, streetwise, history, science, equipment, machinery, arcane, etc.
social: charm, intimidate, seduce, bluff
repair: equipment, machines
drive/pilot: choppers, cars, airships, boats, panzers
use machinery/use magic items
survival: tracking, finding food and shelter
perception: spot, listen, intuition, magical detection

Outlaws of Triune

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